05.17.2015. My Photography Web Site --Coming Out--

I will make my old website Uzik.net into a gallery of my photography.

First, I have updated my main work portfolio on UzEdit.com The old version of my site was in Flash and done by me, so I have decided to change it from Flash to HTML.

Second, I will redesign my art website Uzon.me Uzon.me. It uses a simple Dreamweaver layout and Flash for the art gallery. I will use the same template design as in UzEdit.com

Third, I will be doing my photography website. Uzik.net Uzik.net is my old website that I used before college and it will also be redesigned using the same template as UzEdit.com

My Poetry

04.15.2006. To Be...

Let me be in fire, Let depth into my desire, Let the people of this all, Die in to my sweet control, Never see the wrong in me, Never look back at the old tree, Just try to make it to the fire, Because i finished my desire.

04.15.2006. Cry

The final words are like this, What ever it is, I still going to cry, Cause I like water dripping from my eyes, I like it rivers on my face, Like I want my own race, To stay with my own soul, Forever in control.

04.15.2006. From a Spirit to a Soul

I am smarter than your world, I am stronger than your wind, And when you hide the truth about your way, I begin to disobey, I have permission of my mind to kill, I have the order from my conscience to survive, And when is all beginning to an end, I disappear into the time.

04.15.2006. Stolen

I will forever steal your soul, To keep in my heart from the world control, And I will never let you out, Even just to see the crowd, You will just fall in love with me again, And never see the buried land, We will enjoy to limits and control, I will forever steal her soul.